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Passionworkx is one of the leading organizations in India offering problem focused solutions to companies. Our solutions in Social media management & HR management help our clients save huge operational costs. We understand that growth stage micro organizations do not have ample resources to hire expensive professionals or employ individuals for managing their HR

functions or keep a good social media presence. We offer tailor-made solutions for such organizations where-in they can work with the best of people in both these areas without incurring high costs.


Virtual HR Management

Managing & keeping your employees happy is the key for a successful organization

Through our virtual HR management solution we take care of your hiring, new employee on-boarding, employee engagement, exit formalities and also building policies and employee code of conduct


Social Media Management

Never stay out of touch with your customers if you want to grow

Maintaining a constant presence on your social media channels is important in order to build your presence and engage with your customers. With our social media management solution we take care of your postings, engagement and providing regular updates to your followers.


What Makes Us Different

Technology Driven

We use extensive technology tools to provide solutions so our clients can always stay ahead.

Personalized Solutions

We understand your business & dedicate a resource to effectively handle your account.

Budget Flexibility

Our solutions are plug n play and clients can choose their services according to multiple plans.

Free Support

We are always available to our clients on mail, call and whatsapp taking care of your requests.

Timely Reports

We send monthly reports and also discuss the insights helping clients take informed decisions.

Expert Solutions

Our solutions are based on years of experience and expertise working in these sectors.

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